About me and this

My name is Leo DiSanto, and I am a writer, musician, and compulsive adventurer; in short, your basic all around song and dance man. A rural Pennsylvania yokel with a passport and a blog, I am probably somewhat analogous to an orangutan with a driver’s license and a radio show. This really oughta be something else, folks! This place you’ve wandered into with your computer is a repository for my various and diverse adventure chronicles, literary efforts, garrulous dreams, swashbuckling blunders, bungling philosophical considerations, and general verbal windmill tilting. My original music, including albums recorded in my own name and with the string band Vinegar Creek Constituency, can be found on iTunes, Amazon, CDBaby, etc. You can listen and learn about it here: Vinegar Creek Constituency homepage

You may feel welcome to contact me via the form below to leave feedback, inquire about enlisting my services as a writer/ entertainer, or tell me something interesting. Please bear in mind that I am not paid to read inane gibberish.



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